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2022 WoodridgeMTB Jersey Design

Mountain biker wearing an orange, 2022 WoodridgeMTB Trail Support Foundation Jersey
Photo by Tristan Proctor of T-Pro Studio

Sunsets to Psychlona

We knew we wanted to do something special for this years jersey, and vinyl was going to be the forefront.

Psychlona Band T-Shirt with Desert Sunset and Cactus

The design and other elements came from a couple of places;

a Psychlona tour t-shirt from 2021 featuring the desert reminded me of how the sunsets over the mountains near the trails we ride, igniting the sky a brilliant orange, and silhouetting the mountains. This would be the base colour. The lines were to be reminiscent of the mountains, and the terrain. The choice of the track marks throughout the back logo is a reminder that there will be a point in your life where you will crash, where you will hit the ground, where you will break and life will ride over you. You will get back up, cuts, bruises, scars, and all, and you will continue on. Sometimes you are the rider, sometimes you are the trail.

Keep the stoke lit my friends, sunset is not here just yet.

- Colin Tyler

Psychlona Band Logo, sunset yellows and oranges


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