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The Why

Our involvement within the recovery community has proven to be both incredibly rewarding and devastating. We’ve celebrated partnerships within our community that have enabled us to directly impact individuals' recovery journeys, hosted events to empower The Alpha House clients, and formed an incredible community of passionate and creative contributors that enable us to keep growing. We’ve mourned losses, had incredibly difficult conversations with people, witnessed relapse, and showed up to graduations when there wasn’t a graduate. The rewarding moments can sometimes be overshadowed by the devastating moments, and the devastating moments can create opportunities that remind you of the Why.

I Choose Hope - Wooden Sign at Calgary Dream Centre

Over the past 6 months, James and I spoke regularly about an individual he had connected with at The Alpha House. We planned their graduation dinner and we discussed their challenges and hard-hitting details of their recovery; we were looking forward to the moment we could congratulate and celebrate with them. When we went to the Calgary Dream Centre to celebrate their graduation, we learned that they relapsed and left rehab, as this can often be part of recovery, and we experienced the devastation of them not being there. While we celebrated the other graduates, it was hard to face the sadness again, and then James recognized another individual he’d connected with at The Alpha House, Aabid, who was hosted by Wanda, Darryl and Chris Sutter earlier this year. This connection wouldn't exist without their generous support of the foundation, which we are forever grateful for.

I had the honour of joining James at Aabid’s graduation from the Calgary Dream Centre in May, where Aabid was celebrated by his parents, case worker, the Calgary Dream Centre Team, and most importantly, other Dream Centre residents who spoke to the impact his journey, contagious smile and energy had made on their own recovery. It was abundantly clear that Aabid was committed to making a difference.

Orange and Grey Sunrise over lake in Alberta
Photo by Lance Ghostkeeper of GKR Imagery

Aabid is our proof that connection,

kindness, and compassion can impact the outcome of individuals facing addiction and that our space within the recovery community is making a difference.

Aabid is our reason to keep pushing forward to break down barriers for individuals looking to start their recovery journey, to advocate for accessibility, and to show them that the community is rallying for their success.

Aabid is our inspiration to continue collaborating with our friends at The Alpha House, to build a new relationship with the Calgary Dream Centre, and to seek out other opportunities to help.

Aabid is our Why.

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Aabid to our team, to celebrate and learn from his recovery journey and continue to share the impact that our foundation and community have accomplished, together.

- Leigh Calla


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