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Rainbird Edit, A message from Psychlona

Mountain Biker silhouette with sunset and Psychlona logo
Photo and Edit by Lance Ghostkeeper of GKR Imagery

A message from our friends @psychlona about RainBird:

The song originally came together from a bassline Martyn was playing. It sounded kinda trippy and dreamy, so when we eventually got around to working on it we added some simple chord progressions and ambient guitar noises from Dave, then we brought the defiant, heavier play-out at the end.

Lyrically it’s about not taking loved ones or anything for granted as they might not be around for as long as you hope. It had a couple of working titles then last autumn I was sat in a taverna in Greece in the sun enjoying life and noticed unusual birds riding the thermals above, and the taverna was called Rainbird. It all seemed very fitting.

It can be a difficult one to sing live. just before we played freak valley festival in the summer one of my friends died. I planned to dedicate the song to him but when it came time to play it I knew I wouldn't be able to get the words out if i did.

Psychlona Logo in sunset colours


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