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Darryl Sutter & the Calgary Flames

Darryl Sutter, Calgary Flames head coach, on centre ice with Calgary Flames logo
Photo courtesy of the Calgary Flames

Darryl Sutter, GREAT coach, but an even better person! The WoodridgeMTB Trail Support Foundation and its board members would like to take a moment to thank Darryl Sutter and the Calgary Flames for supporting our foundation and our volunteer efforts with the Alpha House Detox/Transitional Program.

What the Flames do for the community is outstanding, and we are grateful to be a recipient of their passion for giving back to the great city and province! Sharing the stoke and passion to give back and help others, with our favourite hockey team, has us fired up! It also drives us to continue to support the Alpha House with even more initiatives. Helping those that are in the early stages of their transition, to get back out into society and move forward from their addiction to dangerous substances.

A special thank you to Wanda, Shelby and Chris for being 10/10 humans and the best hosts our Foundation could ask for on game day.

Stay tuned to hear to hear more on how to become a game day supporter for an Alpha House Transition Client.

- James MacDonald


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