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Loam | Part 2

Mountain Bike Trail Loamzilla in Alberta Husky Trail Network
Photo by Braeden Park of Braeden Park Photography

There is something to say about staring down your past and shredding over it as fast as you can on a mountain bike. Showing the dirt how far you have come. It’s impactful, and a giant rush. That is mountain biking for me. Channeling memories as fuel and a consistent reminder of progression, not just in the sport, but from a past life where mistakes became lessons, and the lessons became knowledge to pass to others, who may be struggling.

As most of you know, we integrate a lot of Vinyl and music into our foundation, and have adopted the term #rifffueledstoke, we share it often and integrate it into a lot of our stories and posts. Some of the tracks/bands that we share are an example of what hard work and passion can do to leave a ripple effect. The effect of the song Loam by @kingbuffaloband has left an enormous impact on our foundation and has been shared with a positive effect with a few people going through the process of changing their life for the better.

The friendship that we have with @psychlona and the song Rainbird and Blastoff has led to a massive ripple effect as well within our team, community, and some of our supporters. All of this started at some point as a small idea and was pushed forward with passion and hard work.

Try to remind yourself often that an act of kindness, hard work, and passion towards something with purpose has a massive effect, and could evidently leave an infinite ripple effect on the world. You can’t calculate how much it gets passed on because it can’t always be monitored or calculated.

Stay Stoked, and leave a positive ripple effect!

- James MacDonald


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