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Heavy Heart

Moody Prairie Sky in Alberta
Photo by Lance Ghostkeeper of GKR Imagery

Our May 21st event at The Alpha House was a tough one for the WoodridgeMTB Trail Support Foundation and a reminder that our cause is so worth it and continuing to push forward with.

One of the amazing staff members who we met through our efforts with the The Alpha House Transition program and attending Flames game with the Sutter Family, informed us that one of the clients we got to know and supported had been making excellent progress and was sadly caught in many crossfires of addiction, and had passed recently from an overdose. Hearing this news was certainly extremely difficult! The Alpha House staff member quickly reminded us that this is addiction and it brings losses, but also that there are people who bring hope and a moment of cheer to those who struggle the most. She thanked us for bringing this client to an event that he would have never experienced and that it brought him tremendous joy. I quickly channeled my emotions to bringing all the stoke I could to the event that night and felt a bit more fire in the belly when giving a motivational speech about staying in recovery.

As most know, who read and follow our content, addiction hits home hard for a few of us, especially one of our team members who lost a family member to addiction. As a team, we appreciate and love the staff at The Alpha House and will continue to support them for years to come!

If anyone wants to know how to support the The Alpha House in ways that do not involve a financial donation, please reach out to us and we can get you in touch with their amazing staff who are just built differently. They see the Light in everyone and do what they can to help change the process of people's lives on a daily basis.

As a foundation we do not always post on a few things we do behind the scenes, to respect privacy, but this was very important for us to share, and pay respects to Brayden, his Family, and the team at the Alpha House.

Brayden was 23.

- James MacDonald


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