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Spinning Forward

A mini documentary about finding strength through mountain biking in tough times by Tristan Proctor of T-Pro Studio.

A mountain biker wearing an orange jersey takes a sharp turn on their bike on a Southern Alberta mountain bike trail.
Photo by Tristan Proctor, T-Pro Studio

Mountain biking has become a popular sport for those seeking adventure and a challenge. But for James, the founder and President of the WoodridgeMTB Trail Support Foundation, it was a means to overcome a battle. James' journey to recovery through mountain biking is a story that inspires and motivates many.

James has been an avid mountain biker for years. He loved the freedom and thrill that came with it. He turned to mountain biking as a way to escape, get outdoors and push his limits to the next level. The physical exertion and mental focus required by the sport helped him to clear his mind and focus on something positive. He began to see improvements in his physical and mental health and found himself becoming more passionate about the sport than ever before.

As James began to share his story, he found that others were inspired by his journey and were also using mountain biking as a way to overcome addiction and mental health issues. It was then that he founded WoodridgeMTB Trail Support Foundation, a community organization that promotes mountain biking as a means of improving mental and physical health. WoodridgeMTB Trail Support Foundation has grown into a thriving community of mountain bikers, all connected by their shared passion for the sport and their desire to improve their lives.

James continues to lead by example and encourages others to use mountain biking as a tool for self-improvement. The journey to recovery is never easy, but James' story shows that it is possible to overcome addiction and find a new sense of purpose in life. Through WoodridgeMTB Trail Support Foundation, James has created a community that supports and encourages each other to live their best lives.

- Tristan Proctor


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